Sydney Sweeney Once Revealed the Reason Behind Her Missing the Wrap-up Party for ‘Euphoria’

Sydney Sweeney in one of the scenes inEuphoria

Sydney Sweeney might be a busy woman now, but about a year ago, she had the time to party. The Spokane native once went to The Late Late Show with Jimmy Corden, where, apart from talking about her breakout show, Euphoria, she also spoke about the party culture of the show. Corden asked her about the after-parties that happen on the show and how the cast and crew of Euphoria do them.

Sweeney told him that the show has a culture of hosting an after-party; however, she could not attend one as she was in the ER. The White Lotus actress revealed that during the shoot of an episode of the show, her toe accidentally got stepped on by a fellow actor and exploded. She carried on by saying that it got fractured at three places and, whilst the cast was having a wrap party, she was getting stitched in the ER.

The White Lotus actress, however, did attend the party. She told the 44-year-old host, “and then I showed up and I was high on morphine.” The 25-year-old said that it was hilarious and shocking as nobody from the cast had seen her like this ever before.

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The next and the most obvious question that came from the British host was who did it. At first, the Spokane native hesitated to answer. Initially, she disagreed with the possibility of the person being the boy. However, she said maybe when Corden asked her if it was a girl. Although, she eventually revealed who injured her accidentally.

Who broke the toe of Sydney Sweeney on the show?

The actress added, in a very astute way, that the person who broke her toe is really angry at her in the show. The hint was enough for Corden to guess the star. He guessed in a snap that it was none other than Alexa Demie, aka Maddy Perez, who stepped on the Everything Sucks actress’s toe.

While Demie received a huge shout out from Corden for being magnificent in the show, Sweeney said that she had no idea she fractured her show. The Euphoria actress said that her co-star accidentally fractured her toe in three places; however, she has not told her yet and was revealing it on the show for the first time. The same injured toe also led to the actress needing a stunt double in a scene with Demie on the show.

Sydney Sweeney's Cassie vs Alexa Demie's Maddy Euhporia
Credits: Imago

Both actresses share a bitter-sweet relationship on the show but are good friends in real life. Moreover, Sweeney mentioned that she even named her toe “Durt” as she thinks it is going to fall off one day and she hopes it does not.

What do you think of the Reality star’s hilarious act of naming her toe? Tell us in the comments.

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