Will Smith Salutes the Cast of ‘Bel Air’ After Renewal of the Show for a New Season

Will Smith rejected this 2012 film

Bel-Air is back with new episodes. The Peacock show is a reboot of the original 90s sitcom starring a young Will Smith. After he got into a series of trouble at his home back in Philadelphia, Smith was forced to move in with his uncle. The show follows his adventures and the lessons he learns on the way while living with his wealthy uncle in Los Angeles. The reboot is already in its second season. However, even before it reached its finale, the series was renewed for a third season. And no one is happier than the Men in Black star himself.

As soon as the news got out that the remake will return with another season following the conclusion of the current one, Will Smith took to his Instagram to share the brilliant update. He posted a reel from Bel-Air’s original Instagram handle. In the reel, all the stars of the remake are seen giving big smiles while throwing up the number three. The cast looks delighted to come back for another season.

Although the original had a more goofy side to it, the remake has taken a different approach. The tone is less goofy and more serious. The cast includes Jabari Banks, Akira Akbar, Olly Sholotan, Coco Jones, Cassandra Freeman, and more. Susan and Andy Borowitz created the show. The Hollywood star and his wife, Jada Pinkett, together serve as executive producers on the show. They produce the show through their Westbrook Studios. 

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Following Smith’s Oscars Slapgate, several projects that he was involved in were shelved. The staff were alarmed, but that was not the case with Adrian Holmes, who plays Philip Banks in Bel-Air. 

Adrian Holmes was not worried about Will Smith and his Oscars controversy affecting the show 

Adrian Holmes plays Uncle Phil in the Peacock Original. The actor confessed that he was not worried about the Slapgate causing problems with the production. The series is the number-one show on Peacock. Boasting around 9 million subscribers, Holmes was pretty confident that their show would go on without any hiccups.

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Ever since its debut last year, the show garnered a huge fanbase. It obviously benefited from the fanbase of the original, but the reboot brought in newer viewers. Apart from Holmes keeping a neutral stance over the controversy, King Richards has recently expressed his support for the actor. 

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