Ryan Reynolds and Wrexham FC Take Ben Foster “Over the Moon” With a Short Term Deal

Wrexham's new member Ben Foster

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney purchased Wrexham FC to bring it back to its past glory. And they have done exactly that, as the old Welsh football club makes its mark through various matches over the football season. Reynolds and McElhenney are aiming for the Football League. However, it has been quite a rocky road uphill. As evident by the Welcome to Wrexham docuseries, football, or at least Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney’s very own Wrexham FC, is not short of a thriller. The team marked an interval that had everyone falling back into their seats as their keeper, Rob Lainton, got injured. Only for a cheer-inducing plot twist to follow.

More than the wins and losses, it is the players, their performances, injuries, and devotion to the game that make football the worshipping ground for many. And as Wrexham FC lost a crucial player to an injury at a critical time, fans were hoping for a miracle to pull through. And it did, in the form of Ben Foster.

Ben Foster is back in the game with Wrexham FC

The England and Manchester United goalkeeper announced his retirement last year and fans had nothing but sorrow in their hearts. Foster is a man of the field and has spent years giving spectacular performances with West Brom and Watford. Therefore, his kindling with Wrexham FC is not short of a miracle, as fans thought they would never see him on the field again. About joining Wrexham FC, Ben Foster has said “I am over the moon,” to the Wrexham FC official website. The 39-year-old will be accelerating Wrexham FC’s journey to the Vanarama National League till the end of the season.

Foster’s last stint at the Welsh club was in 2005, and things have evidently changed a lot since then. The keeper has acquired over eight England caps. He has also brought glory to the club by bringing them the LDV Vans Trophy. And this time around fas hold the same expectations.

Will Ben Foster bring glory to Ryan Reynolds and Wrexham FC

Since acquiring the team, Reynolds and Rob McElhenney have undoubtedly improved the conditions of the club. This has shown in the team’s performance and also the strong fight they put up in matches. However, they are yet to achieve anything remarkable.

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Therefore, Ben Foster’s joining indicates that things are moving in the right direction. In order to reach the top in the National League, Wrexham FC needs three points to move ahead of Notts County.

Do you think Ben Foster will bring in the winning points for the club? Let us know in the comments below.

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