Will Smith Flies to Saudi Arabia, Attends Camel Racing Championship with First American Owner Swizz Beatz

When Will Smith goes to Saudi Arabia, it is to attend a camel competition. The Emancipation actor has been making an increasing number of appearances since returning to the limelight after the Oscar incident. While the initial days were on a serious note. He is certainly warming up again, in the literal sense, as the actor smiles wide for the camera.

Considering the significance of camels in the Saudi way of life and culture, they began hosting track competitions on a high-end scale. Music producer Swizz Beatz is the first American to be part of the AlUla Camel Cup. He took to social media to share photos of the event and Smith’s visit.

A look into the AlUla Camel Cup that Will Smith attended with Swizz Beatz

Will Smith ensured to attend the inaugural ceremony of the AlUla Camel Cup on his first visit to the kingdom. The event was held from Tuesday to Friday, where enthusiasts gathered together. As the name suggests, camels run in the race, with the first ones to reach declared winners. Mohammed Al Turki, who is a Saudi film producer, shared photos of him flying with Smith on the flight. Smith was apparently a surprise guest at the event. While Swizz Beatz, who is married to singer Alicia Keys, shared multiple snaps as well. His team, Saudi Bronx, placed themselves in the 5th position, but he was thankful nonetheless.

But he is only determined to reach the top position at some point, especially since the price pool of the competition is set at $21 million. Winners also received a sterling gold-plated trophy along with the Royal Commission for AlUla, along with Saudi references of sand, rock, and camels on it.

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But it was not just the royal camel match that the King Richard actor visited. He also took a detour to some of the kingdom’s famous spots.

What else did the actor do in Saudi?

While on his visit, Smith also paid a visit to the UNESCO World Heritage Site Hegra. The other famed location was the Fame: Andy Warhol Exhibition which is located in the largest mirrored building on earth. The Maraya building has a concert hall that can be visited during the night. While the actor was visibly missing from this year’s Oscar event, he has found other places to socialize.

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