Gift ideas for the Elden Ring fan in your life

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Our collection of games, apparel, books, and other accessories is far from tarnished

Elden Ring is considered by many to be the definitive FromSoftware experience, with its dark medieval setting of deep lore penned in part by fantasy author George R.R. Martin. The brutal open-world RPG quickly became a favorite for fans of the developer’s Dark Souls franchise due to its massive boss fights and unforgiving combat. Elden Ring only became more popular with the launch of the Steam Deck, thanks to its excellent performance. And the wins keep coming, with the first expansion, Shadow of the Erdtree, due to launch this summer and set to add new story beats, bosses, and build-crafting options.

Whether you’re new to the Lands Between or you’ve already slain your share of Elder Beasts, we’ve rounded up a handsome collection of loot inspired by Elden Ring, including apparel, accessories, books, and more.

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