Black Mirror season 6 isn’t coming to Netflix in August 2021

Black Mirror season 6 isn’t coming to Netflix in August 2021

Netflix‘s popular dark sci-fi anthology series fans also will have to wait for more as Black Mirror season 6 isn’t coming this August. When is it coming? Well, our guess is as good as yours.

Black Mirror is a science fiction anthology series that focuses on a different storyline in each episode. They have one thing in common, though. All episodes are set in the future where technology affects us more than ever. As a result of that, we see dark events in a dystopian depiction of humanity’s life to come.

Despite its unorthodox nature, Black Mirror is among the most popular Netflix Originals. In addition to having a great number of viewers, the famous anthology has an 8.8 IMDb rating, which is really impressive.

The series started to air in 2011, and we’ve seen five seasons of Black Mirror since. The latest season made its way to Netflix in June 2019. It was not received as well as the previous seasons, though. Still, the fans are eagerly waiting for the next installments of Black Mirror.

Unfortunately, Black Mirror season 6 isn’t on the list of Netflix‘s August 2021 releases. That will come as no surprise for the series’ fans without a doubt. However, many viewers wonder whether we’re ever going to see the next endeavor of Black Mirror. Let’s have a look at the current situation regarding that.

Black Mirror season 6 renewal status

Currently, Black Mirror is neither canceled nor renewed for season 6.

This means Netflix hasn’t officially confirmed a new season while there’s no cancel. The popular anthology is in limbo right now.

Charlie Brooker and Annabell Jones, who are the original creators of Black Mirror, stopped working on the series in January 2020. The production rights for Black Mirror were in the hands of the Endemol Shine group. Brooker and Jones went on the create a new production studio. However, they cannot work on Black Mirror right now. Furthermore, Charlie Brooker doubts that people would want to watch a new season of Black Mirror, as we’re literally living in it right now.

“At the moment, I don’t know what stomach there would be for stories about societies falling apart, so I’m not working away on one of those. I’m sort of keen to revisit my comic skill set, so I’ve been writing scripts aimed at making myself laugh.”

After that, Banijay took over Endemol Shine for 2.2 billion dollars. Banijay’s head of distribution mentioned that there was a chance that Black Mirror season 6 is coming. As for Brooker and Jones, she said that they could explore different models. So, you can expect Banijay to work with the original creators. We’ll see how things go.

Most realistically, we would expect a 2023-2024 release date for Black Mirror season 6 if it happens.

While waiting for the sixth season of Black Mirror, you can check out some other shows on Netflix. If you haven’t done already, we advise you to check out Black Mirror: Bandersnatch. It’s an interesting interactive experience following a wannabe game developer in the past. You can also check out Love, Death & Robots, which is just like Black Mirror, but in an animated form.

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