Buffalo’s Quarterback Ripped An 81-Yard Punt Against Nebraska

Buffalo’s Quarterback Ripped An 81-Yard Punt Against Nebraska

Not every football fan appreciates the subtle art of a good punt, but when a quarterback uncorks a big one, it’s hard not to get excited by special teams.

Nebraska hosted the University at Buffalo on Saturday and Bulls quarterback Kyle Vantrease brought out the big boot at Memorial Stadium. Facing a fourth-and-5 deep in Cornhusker territory late in the second quarter and trailing 7-0, Buffalo kept the offense on the field. But Vantrease, as the broadcaster noted right on time, can punt. And punt he did, to the tune of an 81-yard bomb that just kept going and completely flipped the field for the Bulls.

With no one back to receive the punt for Nebraska, the ball actually soared way too far and bounced into the end zone for a touchback.

It’s not the most effective of punts net yardage wise, but considering the circumstances of the play, the Bulls will certainly take the field position switch and see what happens. And as Buffalo takes on the rest of the MAC later in the season, having a quarterback who can do that is certainly a unique weapon to utilize and keep defenses guessing on fourth down. No matter where UB is on the field, apparently.