Dominic Toretto Is Appearing In Lots Of Games Thanks To The ‘Fast And Furious’ Family Meme

Dominic Toretto Is Appearing In Lots Of Games Thanks To The ‘Fast And Furious’ Family Meme

Anyone that has watched the Fast and Furious movies knows there’s one thing that matters above all else: family. That core value is the driving force of Dominic Toretto and his crew as they take fast cars to heights never seen before. His desire to do everything for family is an admirable trait that keeps you cheering for him whether he’s committing crimes or saving the world.

With the most recent move in the franchise, F9, recently releasing to theaters we’re once again getting to witness Dom defying the odds to protect his family. In fact it’s so inspirational it’s leading to a new hilarious meme. Everyone is inserting Dom’s love of family helping him overcome any obstacle into movies, TV shows, and, yes, video games.

This has of course led to everyone seeing what video games they can put Dom into. One of the most obvious answers, and one of the more popular choices, has been to put him into JRPG’s. Stories like Final Fantasy and Persona have always been about overcoming the odds to defeat an almighty evil. So what else is going to power the heroes through that than family? The Persona 5 photoshop in particular where he’s thanking the protagonist for reminding him of the importance of family deserves a special shoutout, because the level of detail in it is hysterical.

Of course, Dom isn’t going to keep his love for family contained to only the world of JRPG’s. He will extend his help and advice to the Elder Scrolls universe as well. Goblins are no match for the power of family after all.

If there’s any script that reaches the same level of insanity as Fast and Furious it would be the Metal Gear Solid franchise. While Metal Gear may be more of a meta-commentary on world politics, compared to Fast and Furious being car action movies, they clearly both know the value of family.

He’s even found his way into helping the only being as fast as his 1970 Dodge Charger, Sonic the Hedgehog. A perfect crossover.

If there’s one thing we learned here today is that you never mess with a man’s family. If you do, not only will you have to face the wrath of that family, but Dominic Toretto may appear to assist them. It’s a force that even video games most powerful bosses were unable to defeat. Family above all.