How much streaming platforms earnings at this season?

How much streaming platforms earnings at this season?

As you think, there is too much competition between streaming platforms like Netflix, Disney+, Apple, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, or other giant companies. The big story of the earnings season was Disney’s continued growth and Netflix‘s disappointing quarter.

Hotstar and Disney+, the Indian streaming platform for Disney, have added 12.4 million new subscribers to their services, while Netflix only added 1 million. Last quarter, Disney added nearly 9 million new Disney+ subscribers while Netflix added approximately 4 million new subscribers. Disney was able to benefit from a few popular movies, such as “Luca” and “Cruella,” which are placed directly on its Disney+ platform in the quarter ending June 30. Netflix, however, is hoping for growth next quarter when hits like “Sex Education”, “Money Heist”, and “Sex Education” will return to the platform soon.

Also, Rosenblatt Equity Research‘s analyst Mark Zgutowicz; “Last quarter, we had a little bit of weakness in streaming subs both at Netflix and Disney+. The weakness continued for Netflix, but it didn’t for Disney.”

Disney+ now has about 90 million subscribers behind Netflix worldwide. This number is a good indicator that it will see a 20 million net increase in Netflix this year. This quarter, earnings have been reported by all major streaming video players.

Here’s a brief summary of all biggest streaming platforms earnings:


  • Globally, there are 209 million paying subscribers, an increase of 1 million over the last quarter.
  • Canada and the United States have 73.95 Million subscribers
  • The average revenue per unit (or ARPU) for the U.S. and Canada is $14.54

Amazon Prime Video:

  • Over 175 million Amazon Prime members streamed movies and shows in the last year. During the second-quarter earnings, no updates were made.
  • Prime memberships are $12.99 per month or $119 annually. However, they offer many other benefits than streaming video. These include free one-day and two-day shipping on all Amazon packages. Amazon doesn’t break out ARPU for Prime members.


  • Disney+, Hotstar: 116 Million Subscribers, $4.16 Global ARPU (up 12.4M from the last quarter).
  • Hulu subscription video-on-demand or SVOD only: 39.1 Million subscribers, $13.15 ARP
  • Hulu SVOD+Live TV: 3.7 million subscribers, $84.09 ARPU
  • ESPN+: 14.9 Million Subscribers, $4.47 ARPU


  • Subscribe to Apple TV+: (No updates given during second-quarter earnings)
  • ARPU: We don’t know yet.

Apple’s one-year free trial to Apple TV+ is about to end for many customers. This could prompt the company to give an update during its next earnings call.

NBCUniversal’s Peacock:

  • 54 million “sign-ups” (up 12 million from last quarter)
    There are more than 20 million active accounts each month
    ARPU: We don’t know yet
    Three levels: No commercials, $4.99 per month for more content and fewer ads, $9.99 per month ad-free

WarnerMedia’s HBO and HBO Max:

  • 67.5 million global subscribers (up 3.6 million)
    47 million domestic subscribers (up 2.8 million)
  • ARPU: Domestically $11.90


  • Paramount+, Showtime, and Noggin have more than 42 million subscribers, with the rest coming from other platforms like BET+, Paramount+, BET+ and others (up to 6.5 million, of which Paramount+ was the “overwhelming majority”)
  • More than 52 million Pluto TV users per month (up 2,000,000).
  • ARPU: We don’t know yet


  • 18 million direct to consumer subscribers as of Aug. 3, (up 3,000,000)
  • Average ARPU per month: $7
  • ARPU for Discovery+ ad-supported Discovery+ is more than $10 per month


  • Global subscribers are down 600,000 to 28.9 Million. 16.7 Million of these subscribers are streaming
  • ARPU: Around $6 per month

So, according to reports, we know Disney+ beats the Netflix second quarter of 2021. But, Netflix has full of the biggest titles coming back Fall and Winter of the year.

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