Is Ozark cancelled? Will there be a season 5?

Is Ozark cancelled? Will there be a season 5?

Ozark’s next season has kept the fans waiting for way too long because of the pandemic. Even though we’re going to see season 4 soon, many wonder whether there will even be a season 5 for Ozark. Let’s see if Ozark is cancelled or not.

As you all know, Ozark is one of the most popular Netflix Originals on the platform’s library. The series’ third season was released back in March 2020, just when the pandemic was spreading throughout the world. So, the fourth season is taking longer than expected. Ozark‘s cast and crew are extraordinarily careful when it comes to pandemic protocols. This, in turn, leaves us with shorter workdays, thus a longer time to finish filming.

This is the reason why Ozark’s next season is not likely to come to Netflix within the initially planned window: 2021. Netflix was planning to release Ozark’s fourth season by the end of this year, however, it does not seem they can make it. Still, we’re getting closer to the release of Ozark season 4 with every day. The wait is getting closer to the end while fans wonder what’s next for the popular series. Is Ozark going to continue after the next season? Will there be a season 5 for Ozark?

Will there be an Ozark season 5?

Unfortunately, not. The series is coming to an end after the fourth season. Netflix confirmed the cancelation of Ozark back in the summer of 2020. So yeah, Ozark is cancelled.

While some viewers are rather disappointed, many Ozark fans are glad that Netflix took that decision. That’s because they do not want to see Ozark go in a bad way. It’s best to leave things when they’re on peak sometimes. We don’t know why Ozark is cancelled, though.

Even though we aren’t going to see Netflix release a fifth season for Ozark, we still have one more season to watch. Let’s see when they can finally release Ozark’s fourth season.

When to expect Ozark season 4 to be released?

If you expect to see Ozark’s fourth season on Netflix by the end of 2021, we have some bad news for you. Yes, Netflix previously announced a 2021 release for Ozark season 4. But it is not at all likely to be real as things stand right now.

A few months ago, Netflix’s co-CEO and chief content officer announced some of the big titles that would be released in the last quarter of 2021. Among them were The Witcher season 2, Cobra Kai season 4, and You season 3. Unfortunately, the list did not include Ozark season 4. So, we can pretty much rule out a late 2021 release for Ozark season 4.

Still, don’t expect to see the new season much later than that. That’s because the fourth season will be in two parts. It’ll be an extended season with 14 episodes – unlike the previous ones, each consisting of 10 installments. We’re going to see the first seven episodes first, which will give Netflix some time to work on the other episodes.

You can expect to see the first part of Ozark season 4 on Netflix around February 2022. The second part will probably be released later in the year.

There’s not any official announcement about the release date right now. While waiting for it, you can check out our list of Ozark season 4 photos.

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