Kingdom Season 3: Is It Renewed or Cancelled?

Kingdom Season 3: Is It Renewed or Cancelled?

Is the South Korean Netflix Original series Kingdom renewed for season 3? Will the smash-hit K-drama series return with new episodes?

Kingdom” is one of the most successful TV series on the popular streaming platform. The manga adaptation depicts apocalyptic horror in a medieval setting and offers solid narrative, brilliant character arcs, and much more. It has become a global sensation and managed to stay on the top 10 charts of various regions as well.

The first season landed on the service back in 2019 and received critical acclaim as well. The second season followed in March 2020 and the fight continued as the mysterious plague loomed over Joseon.

As the first South Korean Netflix Original show on the platform, it also got a special episode called Kingdom: Ashin of the North a month ago. Naturally, the fans are eagerly waiting to hear about Kingdom season 3 renewal details, production process, and the release date.

Is Kingdom Renewed for Season 3?

The streaming giant knows that the show has become a sensation. Although it is based on the webcomic series titled The Kingdom of the Gods, the show has gained a massive audience worldwide. It offers a unique approach to the concept of zombies and the apocalypse. So Netflix was quick to renew the series for the third season.

So when is it coming? How many episodes will be in the third season? Let’s dive in and wrap up the details we know about the upcoming season.

What is the release date for the new season?

We do not have any official information and comments regarding the release date of the new season. Knowing that there is only a year between two seasons, we might actually see the third season in early 2022.

Though considering the delays due to the pandemic, the new season might also arrive in mid-2022, which is a bit more realistic guess. That being said, we know that the writer of the series, Kim Eun-hee stated that she had lots of energy to write new episodes for Kingdom.

She also added that the chemistry between the cast and the crew is more than enough to fuel the series up to 10 seasons. Even though the series can actually expand its fanbase more, that sounds a bit optimistic at this point.

How many episodes will be in the new season?

We do not know how many episodes will be in the new season. Though the first two installments had six episodes each. Although there have been plans to add more episodes, we will definitely get to watch at least six episodes in the third chapter of the beloved TV series.

Is there a trailer video for Kingdom season 3?

Unfortunately, we do not have a trailer video for the new season. For that, Netflix has to renew the series and the production should be underway. Though you can watch the trailer video for the special title Kingdom: Ashin of the North.

The movie is also available to stream on Netflix as it landed back on July 23, 2021. You can also binge-watch the first two seasons before watching the sequel. So there’s a lot to do before the brilliant TV series finds its way to Netflix with its new season. You can also have a look at Black Summer, another Netflix Original zombie series that takes place in a modern setting.

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