Kuroko’s Basketball Season 3 Release Date on Netflix

Kuroko’s Basketball Season 3 Release Date on Netflix

What is the release date of Kuroko’s Basketball season 3 on Netflix? When is the final season of the hit sports anime coming to the streaming platform? The adaptation of the sports manga has lots of fans eagerly waiting to watch the third season.

The anime is directed by Shunsuke Tada and offers two amazing seasons to stream on the service. All of the episodes of the anime series are available to watch on Netflix in various regions including Netflix US. The third season will get the same treatment as well. So the fans have to wait a little bit more to finally get their hands on the new episodes after the second season which landed in May 2021.

With that said, let’s dive in and tell you what we know about the release date of the third season.

When is Kuroko’s Basketball season 3 coming to Netflix?

The world’s leading streamer is planning to add hundreds of new titles in various genres to its library. As the massive catalog of series and movies expands further, anime series also gain new and original adaptations. Kuroko’s Basketball is also one of them and it is about to get its third season as well.

Though season 3 has already completed its run in Japan, Netflix tends to wait a little bit more to complete the dubbing and the subbing process. We know that they are almost complete as the anime will come to the service in September 2021. According to the coming soon section of the service, the beloved anime will land on Netflix on September 1, 2021. So prepare to return to the exciting basketball matches next month. You can also rewatch the first 50 episodes that are available on Netflix right now.

How many episodes are in Kuroko’s Basketball season 3?

The first two seasons of the sports anime series came with 25 episodes each. Though the last season is not going to get the same treatment. The new installment of the brilliant anime series will come with 25.5 episodes. With the new season, the total number of Kuroko’s Basketball animes will be 75.5 on Netflix.

Is Kuroko’s Basketball: Last Game on Netflix?

The beloved anime series also has a movie focusing on the famous street basketball team. Fans who are eagerly waiting to the watch new season on Netflix also want to learn whether the movie is on the platform. The answer is unfortunately no, as the 2017 anime film is only available to stream only in Hong Kong. The movie lasts about 1 hour and 30 minutes and it can not be watched by Netflix subscribers not residing in the specified region.

How many seasons are in Kuroko no Basket?

Except for the anime films, the series only has three seasons spanning 75.5 episodes. Kuroko’s Basketball: Winter Cup Compilation, on the other hand, came with three separate parts witch 90 minutes each. If you want to see more content from the world of the hit sports anime, you can check out the manga titled Kuroko no Basket: Extra Game. Do not forget the watch the trailer video below:

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