Larry Fitzgerald Said He Doesn’t Have ‘The Urge’ To Play Football ‘Right Now’

Larry Fitzgerald Said He Doesn’t Have ‘The Urge’ To Play Football ‘Right Now’

In comments on his new SiriusXM show Friday, 17-year veteran Arizona Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald told cohosts Jim Gray and Tom Brady that he does not currently have the desire to suit up in the NFL.

“To be honest with you, I just don’t have the urge to play right now,” Fitzgerald said. “I don’t know how I’ll feel in September, October, November moving forward, but I just, today, I just don’t have the urge.”

Fitzgerald, who turns 38 next month, cautioned against trying to compete when a player’s heart is not in the game.

“Football is not one of those games you want to walk out there and play and not be fully engaged and ready to prepare and do the things necessary that you need to do,” he said.

After several seasons of a prolonged offseason waiting game that had previously always ended with Fitzgerald signing a short deal to return to the Cardinals, the veteran receiver this year opted not to make a decision about his future over the course of the entire summer. He remains a free agent, but has not yet retired.

In his place, the Cardinals brought in veteran A.J. Green and drafted Purdue’s Rondale Moore. Of course, lead receiver De’Andre Hopkins remains in place as well, while head coach Kliff Kingsbury has said the team has a plan in the event Fitzgerald decides to play.