Lucifer Season 6: Netflix Reveals Huge Spoilers for Fans

Lucifer Season 6: Netflix Reveals Huge Spoilers for Fans

Netflix just told us ‘everything’ it could about the upcoming season of Lucifer. They never leave a chance to tease their fans with such gimmicks, leaving them lurking and unable to wait anymore.

So, here are the details that Netflix has shared about the final season.

What are the characters doing?

“Season six begins with a little time jump forward – Lucifer and Chloe are settling into their new life together, while Maze and Eve are struggling with theirs. Amenadiel is training as a police officer (joining the LAPD). And Ella is doing whatever she does.”

Along with being the devil, Lucifer continues his recent side hustle as a nightclub owner and criminal investigator. The latter sounds sarcastic, though.

Lucifer is the new god?

In a striking hooking unveiling, Netflix says that Lucifer’s job title is going to change. God is retiring, and Lucifer is ready to take his place in the kingdom of heaven. As he says to Chloe, “isn’t that great?” Perhaps. Naturally, everyone has reservations about him becoming god, including himself.

New Villains

Towards the mid of the video, Netflix reveals a new villain. Rory, a rebellion angel, played by Brianna Hildebrand, is here to kill the God-to-be. Obviously, Netflix cannot give the entire season away as spoilers.

The last minute of the video has a blurred face, who could be the main antagonist of the last season. Keeping his identity a surprise, the video shows Rory making deals with him.

Lucifer Filming Locations

One whole episode of season 6 is filmed at the mysterious Magic Castle in Hollywood studios.


FUN FACT: The Magic Castle claims itself to be the most unusual private club in the world. It is an exclusive clubhouse for the Academy of Magical Arts. Only members and guest cardholders are allowed to visit. It is located in the Hollywood district of Los Angeles, California. Plush dining areas and live performances, along with hidden doors and private rooms, make it a bizarre yet alluring location.

Further mentioning another filming location, Netflix reveals that the outside of Lucifer’s club ‘Luxe,’ is, in reality, Hollywood’s Central Tower Hotel. An exceptional event in the series takes place in the Disney Concert Hall. Well, we will have to wait for the season’s premiere to know exactly what event that is.


The last few seconds of the 3 minute-42 second video are hilarious and annoying at the same time as Netflix leaves us hanging with beeps covering names.

Following are the suspense blanks we are left to fill as we stream the new season.

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“Newcomer ______ has a crush on ______ and tries to win their affection with the help of ______.

______ has new found powers ______ and tests them out by sparring with ______.

______ is still in ______ and it’s finally revealed.”

By the way, Netflix has also given away this crucial information. (Joke begins) Ella’s sock is missing, and she concludes after research that there is a 7% uptick in people reporting missing socks. We don’t know if Amenadiel will help her find it.

Let’s wait for a little more till September 10 to have the answers we all are looking for!

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