Ozark season 4 will not be on Netflix in August 2021

Ozark season 4 will not be on Netflix in August 2021

Ozark fans will have to wait for more as season 4 is not slated to come to Netflix in the following month.

Ozark’s third season came to Netflix in March 2020, just around when the pandemic was beginning to spread. They started filming season 4 towards the end of 2020, but things weren’t sailing smoothly. Having started the production on season 4 in November 2020, the crew of Ozark is still filming the new season. Even though they’re pretty close to calling it a wrap at this point, we won’t see Ozark season 4 on Netflix this August.

Initially, the producers projected a 2021 release and shared it with the fans, with a little video. This projection is not likely to be a reality as they still haven’t finished filming the new season. That’s because Ozark’s fourth season was among the productions that pandemic hit the hardest. The crew is extraordinarily careful with the protocol, and this slows down the production process. Still, the lead actor Jason Bateman thinks the release will be sooner than they expected, given the widespread availability of vaccination.

“I mean, basically, it’s going to get to us a whole lot quicker now that Joe Biden’s got his hand on the wheel. It would have taken longer with the last administration, so I think we’re gonna get it to TV sooner thanks to Uncle Joe.”

One more reason why Ozark season 4 is taking much longer is its episode count. The previous seasons had 10 episodes each. This will not be the case with the fourth season. The new season will have fourteen episodes. It will also have two parts, each with seven episodes, presumably. This prolonged finale is probably one of the reasons behind the delay.

So, when we can see Ozark season 4 on Netflix?

Ozark season 4 possible release date

As we mentioned earlier, the initially proposed 2021 release date isn’t likely to be a reality. That’s because Netflix announced some of the productions that would land on the platform in Q4 2021. However, those productions did not include Ozark’s new season among them. The new seasons of popular series such as You, The Witcher, and Cobra Kai were already planned to be released by the end of 2021, unlike Ozark season 4.

Still, we don’t think the crew will take much longer than the beginning of 2022 to give us the new season. The new season will have two parts, after all. That will give the producers some time to work on the new installments while fans can enjoy the first seven episodes of Ozark season 4.

Therefore, you can expect to see Ozark’s fourth season on Netflix around February 2022 – the first part, that is. The latest seven episodes will likely be with us later in 2022. Summer seems like a good bet for it, but I highly doubt it’ll take that long.

There’s nothing official apart from a projected 2021 release, which is not expected to be accomplished at this rate. We’ll have to wait for Netflix to give us a new release date to say something for sure. While waiting, you can check out our list of Ozark season 4 photos.

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