Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Team Up with Netflix

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Team Up with Netflix

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle team up with Netflix to create an animated series called Pearl, focusing on a 12-year-old girl.

Markle and Harry started a media production company back in 2020 to offer programming that both inspires and elevates the audience. Named Archewell Productions, the company is created with a Netflix partnership. Since its foundation, Archewell has announced two projects so far: Pearl and Heart of Invictus.

Pearl, the recent project coming from Meghan Markle and Netflix will be an animated series following a 12-year-old girl. The protagonist finds herself inspired by the powerful women of our history while also trying to overcome the challenges of life.

The series will also serve as a celebration of famous and iconic women of history. Megan Markle will be the executive producer of the series with David Furnish who worked on Sherlock Gnomes, Rocketman, and many other great titles. Although we know some of the names in the cast and crew, Archewell or Netflix did not announce an exact release date.

Meghan Markle Netflix Team-Up: Cast and Crew

Alongside Caroyln Super and David Furnish, Liz Garbus and Dan Cogan will also be in the crew to bring the animated series to life. Although they are now in the early development stages, Archewell is planning to extend its reach. The production company signed a $100.000 deal with the streaming giant Netflix.

We also know that they also sat with Spotify and signed another deal back in 2020. The deal will allow the couple to host podcasts on the music platform. Under the name Archewell Audio, the couple is planning to unravel various perspectives of interesting people through interviews.

What is the synopsis of the Pearl animated series?

The animated series will mix fantasy and history with an inspirational narrative to teach kids about influential women. Markle wants to celebrate the women of our past who worked hard and pushed their limits against all odds.

Carolyn Super, who is on the executive team also talked about the upcoming animation and its inspirational side. She said that Pearl will be a very relatable character and everyone will find something familiar in her. On top of that, we believe that they will be rooting for her as she tries to discover the world we live in. Pearl will try to fit herself in the past and the present while celebrating women and understanding their cause.

The other project coming from Archewell Production is Heart of Invictus. Created by Prince Harry, the upcoming title will be a docuseries following a group of competitors. The plot of the new project will revolve around the games that will take place in the Hague, 2022.

Pearl Trailer

Netflix or Archewell Productions have not shared a trailer or a teaser video for the new animated series. We do not have any information regarding the upcoming series except for its executive team.

Though you can watch the trailer for another project coming from the famous couple below. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are keen on creating new projects on various platforms.

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