Russian Doll Season 2 will not be on Netflix in July 2021

Russian Doll Season 2 will not be on Netflix in July 2021

Netflix Original series Russian Doll will not be returning with season 2 in July 2021. When will the new episodes arrive on Netflix?

Russian Doll is one of the best series on the popular streaming platform thanks to the interesting plot. The series follows Nadia Vulvokov, a young woman who finds herself in a constant loop as he relives a certain day in her life. Nadia lives that same day over and over again until she meets another person like herself. To understand why this is happening to them, the protagonist goes on a long journey of self-discovery while also being haunted by the very issues that entangle her soul.

Sometimes we, as the subscribers of Netflix sometimes come across brilliant works like Russian Doll. These shows offer a solid narrative with beautifully designed sequences and quite interesting characters. That’s why the fans are wondering about the release date of Russian Doll season 2. We have gathered everything we know concerning the premiere date of the next season.

Russian Doll season 2 will not return this summer

The production process of the Russian Doll started back in March 2021. So it has been a couple of months since the cast and the crew started working on the new episodes. As you would guess, the filming and the post-production take a great amount of time. Unfortunately, this means that we will have to wait at least a year before getting our hands on the new episodes. The show is not going to be on Netflix in July 2021.

Netflix has not made any announcements regarding the release date as well. Considering that the streaming giant wraps up production in early 2022 it might release the show sometime in April or May 2022. The first season landed on the platform back in February 2019. So it will have been two years when the show finally lands in 2022. That definitely feels like a loop if you ask us.

Russian Doll Season 2 Synopsis (Spoiler Alert)

The second season of the hit series is definitely happening. Although we do not know how it will continue after Nadia and John have gone through massive changes in their lives. Then they joined the people dancing in the street while the mystery about their loop remained. So we will probably see our lovely video game developer Nadia and her obsessive-compulsive partner John in the third season.

The creators of the show want to come up with three seasons as well. Though Netflix renewed the series only for a second season. We might get another installment of Russian Doll if it manages to gain solid viewership numbers.

Russian Doll Season 2 Updates

The leading actress of the show Natasha Lyonne announced the renewal news with this great video below where she acts like Dwayne Johnson. She also gives the amazing news that the series will get another season.

Who is in the Russian Doll season 2 cast?

We also know that Sharlto Copley and Annie Murphy will be joining the Russian Doll season 2 cast. The joining of the talented actress Carolyn Michell Smith is also among the details. You might remember her and her brilliant performance from House of Cards. To sum up, we can say that these are all great news for Russian Doll fans out there. With the addition of new cast members, the production of the second season will hopefully break out of the loop and hit Netflix in 2022.

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