Splinter Cell Anime Series Release Date and Updates

Splinter Cell Anime Series Release Date and Updates

When will Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell anime series land on Netflix? Fans are curious about the upcoming video game adaptation.

Netflix has been adding lots of new adaptations over the recent years. The streaming giant has not only shared some of the best animes on its platform but also joined forces with video game developers to give games a chance to tell other stories from their amazing worlds. That’s why the leading streamer has lots of projects in the works. Starting from Cyberpunk 2077: EDGERUNNERS to Assassin’s Creed anime series, Netflix is planning to expand its video game adaptation genre and spending lots of money on it. The streaming platform has just released a CG series based on one of the most popular video game franchises, Resident Evil.

Though Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness offered an hour of Leon and Claire duo and their action-packed scenes, the CG series will not be the only video game series. And there are already a couple of animations that are available to stream right now. Castlevania and DOTA: Dragon’s Blood are some of the amazing titles that you can watch.

With that said, let’s move on to another highly-anticipated series. This one, like many other upcoming animes, is coming from Ubisoft, a France-based video game company that has developed some of the most famous IPs that we have seen in the world of video games. Assassin’s Creed, Prince of Persia, Far Cry, and of course, Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell are their brilliant works. And now the Splinter Cell anime series is slated to release on Netflix.

Splinter Cell Anime Series Release Date on Netflix?

The cast and the crew have not made any comments regarding the release date of the show. The showrunner of the anime Derek Kolstad said that it would take them at least 20 months to come up with the series.

So it means that the Splinter Cell anime series should arrive sometime in Fall 2022.

Who is in the cast of the Splinter Cell anime?

At the time of the announcement, we do not have any information about the voice actors and actresses. Video game fans, on the other hand, want Will Michael Ironside to voice Sam Fisher. Ironside is the voice behind Sam Fisher in the video game, of course.

That is not a long shot if we are being honest. Having different voice actors in adaptations like these might stagger the show’s atmosphere. Netflix worked with the original voice actors in Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness. The streaming giant might also do the same in the upcoming adaptation as well.

Fans Wanted A New Game

It has been quite a long time since the last Splinter Cell game. Naturally, fans of the video game series want to see a new chapter in Sam Fisher’s story. Though Netflix and Ubisoft teamed up and decided to come up with a new anime series.

The writer crew of the series also includes Derek Kolstad who is the name behind the John Wick film series. So the upcoming title gives us hope as the writer is keen on creating brilliant action-packed stories.

Splinter Cell Anime Trailer

The streaming service has not shared a trailer video for the series yet. So we will have to wait for some time before getting our hands on a teaser. Though you can watch the world premiere trailer of the game below.

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