Stranger Things season 4 release date announced for 2022

Stranger Things season 4 release date announced for 2022

Ever since the latest interviews, the fans have been waiting for exciting updates on the new season of Stranger Things. We finally have an official confirmation about the release date of Stranger Things season 4.

As you might remember, the producer of Stranger Things, Shawn Levy, said some exciting things in his interviews. He said the new season was coming soon and the release date announcement was “quite soon.” After that, he was in another interview, in which his words were interpreted to tease an announcement in August.

Well, even though we don’t have the exact release date right now, we finally have an official confirmation. Thanks to a new teaser that Netflix shared, we know that Stranger Things season 4 is underway for a 2022 release. Better yet, we have some new footage from the upcoming season.

The new footage teases us about some really dark events going on. That’s apparent from the scene where Dustin sighful exclaims “Holy mother of…” I really wonder what is it that he saw. In addition to that, we see Hopper going through a door with a burning shotgun in his hands.

We already knew that the new season was going to be the darkest one so far, thanks to the interviews with the actors.

The expectations are also high from the new season. The producer Shawn Levy raised the bar a little bit more by tweeting: “Trust me: it’ll be worth the wait.”

So yeah, the wait is apparently coming to an end sooner or later, but when exactly? Fans were not expecting to see the new season on Netflix by the end of this year, so when in 2022 can Stranger Things season 4 be with us? Let’s see.

Stranger Things season 4 possible release date

We know that the new season will most probably be a wrap by the end of this August. The actors are finishing their scenes one by one. Furthermore, David Harbour previously said that they were planning to finish the production in August. Now that we have a new video and announcement, it’s pretty likely that they are so close to finishing.

Usually, Netflix takes around half a year or slightly more to finish a post-production process. That will clearly be more than “slightly more” with the case of Stranger Things season 4. That’s because it’s going to be a huge season with a lot of visual effects needed. So, it will take longer than your usual season. We’re probably looking at 7-8 months of a wait here.

This, in turn, leaves us with a possible release date around March or May 2022. It can take a little bit less or more than that, but we expect the new season to drop in early-mid 2022. Even though we still have many months to wait for, the new season probably won’t come later than Q2 2022.

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