What is the Netflix release date of Good Girls season 4?

What is the Netflix release date of Good Girls season 4?

The latest season of Good Girls made its debut on NBC a while ago, so the fans are waiting for it to come to Netflix. Let’s see the Netflix release date of Good Girls season 4, both for the USA and internationally.

As you probably know, Good Girls is an NBC comedy series that is about three suburban mothers. It debuted in 2018 and the latest season was released in 2021. However, fans have to wait for a while before they can watch the new episodes on Netflix.

The fourth season made its way to NBC exactly on March 7th, 2021. Ever since that release, Netflix fans have been waiting for the new season to be available on their favorite platform.

The good news is that the international users are real close to watch Good Girls season 4 on Netflix. However, Netflix US users will have to wait for more as the new season isn’t slated to come to Netflix soon.

When is Good Girls season 4 coming to Netflix US?

Usually, the new seasons of Good Girls appear on Netflix early in the year. That much we know from the earlier seasons of the comedy series. The first and the second seasons of Good Girls were both released on Netflix in January. The third season, on the other hand, made its way to the platform in February. In any case, we don’t expect there will not be that much of a difference.

So, we’re probably underway for an early 2022 Netflix release. You can expect Good Girls season 4 to come to Netflix US around January or February 2022. It might slip up to March, too.

We’ll have to wait for an official announcement to say anything for certain. Meanwhile, you can check out some clips from the earlier seasons, or just give the series a rewatch on Netflix.

What is the international Netflix release date of Good Girls season 4?

You’re lucky if you’re waiting for Good Girls season 4 to come to Netflix outside the US. That’s because the new season of Good Girls is coming very soon.

Good Girls season 4 is coming to many Netflix regions such as Canada, Australia, or the UK on August 31st, 2021.

There will not be weekly episodes like on NBC. We’ll get to watch all of the episodes of Good Girls season 4 once it’s released on Netflix.

Will there be a new season for Good Girls?

Unfortunately, not. Good Girls will come to an end with season 4.

Even though the fans and the actors would be more than happy to see a new season, it seems the series is coming to the end of its lifespan.

However, you never know when it comes to renewals. Some popular series get surprisingly revived after a successful fan campaign, such as we saw from Lucifer. Anne with an E fans are trying to do the same, too, but unfortunately, things don’t seem bright for them.

You can check out the trailer of Good Girls’ fourth season below while waiting for it to come to Netflix later.

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