Will Sweet Tooth season 2 be on Netflix in 2021?

Will Sweet Tooth season 2 be on Netflix in 2021?

Now that Sweet Tooth season 2 is officially announced, fans wonder when they can watch it on Netflix. Let’s see when the new season can come out.

As you may recall, Sweet Tooth had a great start when it was first released at the beginning of this June. Virtually every viewer loved the series and the reviews were on fire. The IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes ratings of Sweet Tooth were incredibly high, too. Therefore, fans eagerly expected Netflix to announce the new season. To our delight, the streaming platform announced the new season a couple of days ago. The announcement video for the second season included many members from the cast and the chocolates they received for the renewal. You can check out the announcement video, which is pretty sweet, below.

Alright, Sweet Tooth got its renewal for a second season within a month after its release – just as we expected. Now, it’s time to learn when we can see how the fates of Gus and other hybrids will converge. When can we watch Sweet Tooth season 2? Can it be in 2021 by any chance?

Most probably not. We do not expect the new season of Sweet Tooth to be on Netflix by the end of this year. Chances are very slim for that. However, we do have a pretty good projection of its release date, at least for right now.

Sweet Tooth season 2 possible release date

Officially, there’s no release date on the horizon, but we can make some assumptions based on what we know. Those assumptions lead us to believe Sweet Tooth season 2 is coming around Q3 2022 if the pandemic restrictions do not pause the filming.

Just like many other Netflix series, the first season of Sweet Tooth took around a year to be filmed and released. They spent around a total of 6-7 months (excluding the pandemic breaks) to film the first season of Sweet Tooth. When they finished filming at the end of 2020, it took Netflix half a year to complete the post-production process. In the end, Sweet Tooth’s first season made its way to the streaming platform in June 2021.

More or less, we expect the crew to do the same again. They’ll most likely take a year or more to film and release Sweet Tooth season 2. Now, we don’t know when the production for the new season started, or will start, but we assume they’ll start filming around September 2021. That’s because that’s what happens traditionally. So, if they take around a year to deliver the new season, we learn when to expect the new season to drop.

So yeah, Sweet Tooth season 2 will most likely be on Netflix around Q3 2022. This means you can expect the new season to be released in July, August, and September 2022. The window is pretty broad, but it’s impossible to say anything more certain. That’s because things are not clear yet. Once the crew gets its hand around filming and spends a couple of months, we can have a better picture. Right now, the only thing we can predict is a release around the third quarter of the next year. However, the release date might be later than that if they have to give a break -or breaks- due to the pandemic. We’ll see.

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