You season 3 will not be on Netflix in August 2021

You season 3 will not be on Netflix in August 2021

We still have some time to wait until we can watch You season 3 on Netflix. The new season isn’t coming in the following month.

The fans have been waiting for You’s third season since December 2019, when they released the second one. The latest season ended with such a cliffhanger that viewers are eagerly waiting for the series to continue. Well, it’s almost been two years after the second season, but the new season is still not here. It won’t be released in August 2021 either. So, when can we expect it to come?

Fortunately, we have a pretty good picture of the production process of You season 3. Therefore, our predicted release date is pretty down-to-earth right now. Let’s check out when You season 3 can be released, and our reasons for it.

When to expect You season 3 to be released?

A couple of months ago, Netflix’s chief content officer and co-CEO Ted Sarandos announced some of the works that they were planning to release in Q4 2021. Those works included The Witcher season 2, You season 3, and Cobra Kai season 4. So, we know that the new season is coming in October, November, or December.

In addition to that, as the last quarter of 2021 is pretty stacked, Netflix would want to give each production time to be celebrated on its own. December will mark the release of The Witcher’s next season, so we can expect You’s third season sooner in Q4 2021.

Furthermore, the filming of the new season is already a wrap. They finished filming You season 3 back in April 2021. This means the crew has been working on the post-production process for around three months now.

Usually, Netflix takes around half a year to complete the post-production processes. That happens with many major productions, giving us some reliable timetables to predict the release dates.

As You‘s third season wrapped up filming in April 2021, the most probable release date for it is around October-November 2021. That lines up with Ted Sarandos’ earlier announcement and Netflix’s possible plans.

So yeah, expect to see You season 3 on Netflix in October or November 2021. Note that there’s nothing official yet, so even though our predictions are pretty safe right now, we’ll have to wait for Netflix to announce the release date.

What to expect from You season 3?

If we take into account the showrunner’s opinions, the expectations from the new season are sky-high.

The showrunner of the series gave us some ideas as to what to expect from the new season. Sera Gamble spoke on how the crew managed to film the season with no cases at all, focusing on their success. Gamble also told her opinion about the new episodes, and it sparks joy for fans, for sure. “… the episodes are fucking bonkers and the performances are insanely good,” said You’s showrunner on her Twitter thread. You can click on it to see what more Gamble had to say about You’s highly-anticipated third season.

All in all, you can expect an excellent new season. While waiting, watch the trailer for S2 below.

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