A Bonkers Lethal Shooter Challenge Led To NBA Twitter Making A Ton Of LeBron Jokes

A Bonkers Lethal Shooter Challenge Led To NBA Twitter Making A Ton Of LeBron Jokes

If you’re a basketball fan who has spent any time on Instagram, you’re probably aware of @LethalShooter. The account belongs to Chris Matthews, who has gained a following for two reasons: The work he does with NBA players and other celebrities to help them improve their jump shots, and the absolutely ridiculous shooting challenges he’ll occasionally do on his account. On the latter, a personal favorite was the time he shot on a rim with no backboard, no pole, and only one inch of error.

Matthews does this to show the importance of having good, consistent form when you shoot. His latest challenge took this to a new level, as he and his team built a mechanical rim called “The Windmill.” It featured three hoops on one spinning apparatus, with one rim having blue tape. Here’s how things went down:

It looks like something you’d see at a carnival, but also, I am 100 percent certain I would miss every single shot I attempted on this thing. The video ended up hitting the Twittersphere, and as a result, a bunch of folks got off jokes about an incident that happened earlier this season when LeBron James got poked in the eye by Draymond Green and claimed he saw three rims during the play-in game between the Lakers and Warriors.

These weren’t the only people who were amazed by this … well, amazed might not be the right word, but plenty of people raised their eyebrows at this experiment.

Of course, the stuff that Matthews works on with NBA players (at least based on his Instagram account) and the stuff he does in these videos are not the same — these stunts are things he pulls off, while the exercises he does with players are more, uh, practical. But regardless, I would like to see the NBA incorporate a spinning tri-hoop if that play-in tournament Adam Silver wants comes to fruition.