After a Memorable Run in Europe, Taylor Swift Will Travel Home to a Special Train for the Miami Show

Taylor Swift

gained acclaim in the music industry owing to the ethereal tunes that she has been churning out since more than two decades. Therefore, when she took these magical tunes and gathered them all together to perform the Eras Tour, it did not come as a surprise that said tour became the greatest of all time. So much so that every city that she would stop to perform at, sang along either with an economic jump-up or a train makeover.

Not long ago, as the singer performed in Edinburgh, the city themed its trains in the color of ‘The Tortured Poets Department’ album. Now, as she makes her return to the United States, Miami has something special planned for her.

Miami set to welcome Taylor Swift in a grand fashion

The global pop star has successfully completed the larger duration of her tour, which will conclude in December. Taylor Swift, after leaving an imprint all over the globe, will return to the United States in the fall and naturally the country is pulling a few strings to welcome her, curtsy of the pride and the economic boost that she has brought them. Brightline in Miami, especially, has arranged its trains to be Swift-themed

. The sing-along trains will move to and from the concerts in Miami.

Brightline’s Swift-themed trains will feature DJs playing all the best Taylor Swift hits from the last two decades along with appetizing food options. The privately owned rail line has collaborated with none other than iHeartRadio to curate this immersive experience for Swift fans

. Not only is the train Swiftly themed from the outside, but it will also be highly functional as it will leave from Orlando twice a day to Miami.

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This is not the first time a city has colored itself red to welcome Taylor Swift and her grand Eras tour. In fact, the whole of Europe had been a pro at it.

How Europe turned purple to welcome the Eras Tour

As Taylor Swift made her way to Europe for the Eras Tour, the country could not have been more excited. Despite having held one of the greatest ceremonies in decades in 2023 with King Charles’ coronation, Europe did not slack in welcoming Taylor Swift

. One of the highlights was when the trains in Edinburgh got a ‘The Tortured Poets Department’ themed makeover.

While Europe did its best in welcoming Taylor Swift, it did fall pale in comparison to what the starlet gave back. Swift took the stage to perform an iconic Hannah Montana melody that fans had craved to hear for decades. However, musical magnificence was the least of what the Grammy winner offered to Europe as she made a grand donation

that would suffice for three meals a day to 1,200 people, all very Swiftly.

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