Chicago Rappers Schedule A MASS SHOOTING Over Instagram!! (Watch)

Chicago Rappers Schedule A MASS SHOOTING Over Instagram!! (Watch)

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any crazier in Chicago, two groups of Chicago gang members scheduled a mass shooting over Instagram Live, MTO News has learned.

It all began yesterday when two Chicago rappers started going back and forth with each other over Instagram. The rival rappers 800 Fatz and Lil Don come from neighboring hoods, which have been violently fighting for many years, MTO News confirmed.

Yesterday, during 800 Fatz’s Live, Lil Don decided to tap in – and disrespect his bitter enemy. The two men made jokes about each other, and threatened each other throughout the almost 5 minute Livestream.

But at the end – the two men decided to settle their differences, by having a shootout on a public street.

The two men agreed to meet each other on the corner of 83rd and Maryland. And according to both sides, it appeared that the two men were preparing for an all out battle.


Chicago Gang Members Schedule Mass Shooting (; 1:28)

So what happened after the Instagram Live – well MTO News can’t say for certain. We can say that Lil Don appears to have gone to the mass shooting meetup spot. He posted an image of himself there.

And shortly after this picture was taken, Chicago gun scanners heard shots fired in the area. Here’s the report from a scanner less than a mile away, which recorded at least 10 gunshots.