Is Minecraft Story Mode season 3 coming?

Is Minecraft Story Mode season 3 coming?

Has Netflix announced the release date for Minecraft Story Mode season 3? Fans of the game had lots of fun watching the first season. They are now wondering whether there will be another season for the interactive TV series and whether Netflix is going to release the second season.

Minecraft Story Mode offers a chance to start a point-and-click adventure in the world of Minecraft. The first season of the interactive show landed on various platforms between 2015 and 2016. The second season followed in December 2017. The title finally found its way to Netflix a couple of years ago. Although the show is available in 38 countries including the United States of America, the second season is unfortunately not available to stream. So the fans are both wondering whether Netflix is going to release the second season and the possibility of seeing the third season.

Here’s everything we know about Minecraft: Story Mode.

Minecraft: Story Mode Season 2 Release Date on Netflix

The first season of the series is available on the popular streaming platform. From all over the world subscribers using Netflix in 38 countries can stream the series episodes right now. Though, the second season of the show is still not on Netflix. To answer this question, we should note that the developer studio behind the series is Telltale Games which was closed back in October 2018 due to bankruptcy. So it is safe to say that we probably won’t see a new season coming from the studio. Moreover, we believe that the team behind the interactive series will not be adapting the second season as well because of the same reason.

So why doesn’t Netflix port the second episode to make it available on the service? Well, that might have many reasons including viewership counts, licensing process, and distribution rights. Seeing that the streaming giant has not taken any steps in adapting the second season after two years, we can say that Minecraft Story Mode Season 2 will not be on the service anytime soon.

Is Minecraft Story Mode season 3 coming?

As mentioned earlier, Telltale Games is out of business and is not able to develop another installment for the series. Considering that the game landed on various platforms almost 7 years ago, we are sure that we are not going to see the next chapter of the adventure. That being said, we also know that that the team has planned the show to consist of two seasons. This means that even the company had not gone out of business, they would not create a new season.

This is sad news for Minecraft fans. Though you can still experience the second chapter on lots of other platforms like Xbox or PlayStation consoles. Now that Netflix is planning to step into the world of video games, we might also see new projects related to the world of Minecraft as well. So it is best to not lose hope and keep on digging until we find some diamonds. You can also have a look at some of the other titles and video game adaptations on the streaming service.

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