Martin Campbell Won’t Return To Superhero Genre After Directing ‘Green Lantern’

Martin Campbell Won’t Return To Superhero Genre After Directing ‘Green Lantern’

Martin Campbell says he’s done with the superhero genre after he directed Green Lantern for Warner Bros.

One of the most critically disappointing superhero films to come out of the 2010s has to be Martin Campbell’s Green Lantern. Everything seemed perfect on paper for the DC Comics adaptation — Campbell was an accomplished, well-respected director and Ryan Reynolds was as popular as ever. Despite the winning duo spearheading the DC character’s first live-action entry, they just couldn’t make it work. The film was blamed for a mediocre script and its over-reliance on CGI. It looks like the experience wasn’t fulfilling for Campbell as he revealed that he’s done with the genre.

In a recent Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) to promote his upcoming film The Protege, Martin Campbell was asked a series of questions about his time on Green Lantern. Campbell was asked by a fan what the worst fight he had ever been in was. Campbell succinctly replied that it was with Warner Bros. over Green Lantern.

In another question, Martin Campbell was asked if fans would ever see a sequel to Ryan ReynoldsGreen Lantern. DC is currently working on a number of Green Lantern related projects and it looks like there’s no room for a sequel to Reynolds’ film. Despite the odds stacked against a potential sequel, Campbell aptly wrote: “Over my dead body.”

Finally, Martin Campbell was asked what genre he would want to work in that he hasn’t already. Campbell’s filmography primarily consists of action films, so it’s surprising that the director revealed he would be interested in tackling a comedy. As for another superhero movie, say with Marvel? Campbell said: “Forget it. I f***ed it up once, never again.”

In addition to a Green Lantern series, HBO Max is also developing a Strange Adventures DC anthology series, a DC Super Hero High show from Elizabeth Banks, James Gunn’s Peacekeeper spin-off, and Matt Reeves’ Gotham PD series set in the world of The Batman. News of the Green Lantern series arrived shortly after reports of HBO Max planning to produce DC projects with budgets on par with those of feature films.

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Source: Reddit

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