Netflix explains what hybrids of Sweet Tooth are

Netflix explains what hybrids of Sweet Tooth are

Hybrids from Netflix’s popular sci-fi series Sweet Tooth are intriguing creatures. Let’s see what hybrids actually are and why the Last Men want to capture them in the video that Netflix shared.

As you might remember, Sweet Tooth met with the viewers at the start of this June. Telling of a post-apocalyptic world with a deadly pandemic and a new hybrid species, Sweet Tooth’s narrative is quite successful. As a result, the series has managed to reach a big audience and it has great ratings from the critics. Sweet Tooth’s IMDb rating is 7.9 right now while the critics of Rotten Tomatoes deem the series to be 98%.

So yeah, the series was off to a great start for Netflix. This also led the streaming platform to renew it for a second season, which is expected to come out in 2022.

Still, Netflix wants to do more to reach a bigger audience with Sweet Tooth. In order to do that, they previously shared a couple of videos related to the series. Those videos showed us the making of the series and some funny bloopers. Now, we have another video, which is focused more on the content of Sweet Tooth.

In this new video, Netflix explains to us the origin of hybrids, the new species that make up the series’ story. We see their possible origin, their enemies, their special skills, and their variety. Check out the video below.

The video starts with some scenes from Sweet Tooth while the narrator asks the essential question: “Did the hybrids cause the virus, or evolved from it, or did they simply emerged at the same time?” Well, it seems we still have a lot of time before we figure that out.

After that, we see people who are not very friendly towards the hybrids, namely, the Last Men. They want the hybrids to be eliminated from the world, believing that their only use is experimentation.

Then, the video proceeds to demonstrate hybrids’ abilities by showing Gus as an example. Our cute half-human half-deer boy is an excellent hearer and a smeller with a sweet tooth. Another example of a hybrid power is from Wendy, who’s nicknamed Pigtail. She helps her mom around the preserve with her super sensitive smelling power as she grows up as a human-pig hybrid.

Then comes Bobby! The adorable park beaver hybrid shows us that hybrids can look more like animals, proving that there’s a wide spectrum of being a hybrid. Some hybrids such as Gus or Wendy look more like humans while some, such as Bobby, are similar to animals.

Towards the end of the video, the narrator questions what the scientists found in the Arctic. After all, it might be the reason for The Great Crumble and the world’s current state. We also see the blue flowers and question their possible connection to the hybrids. That’s because those flowers appeared where people died of the virus as you might recall.

The narrator also states that the cure might be in the garden of blue flowers that Gus fell into.

Well, there are a lot of unanswered questions at the end of Sweet Tooth’s first season as we can see. We will get some answers when Sweet Tooth season 2 comes to Netflix. There is no official release date right now, but we expect the new season to come out around Q3 2022.

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