Stranger Things spin-off series will reportedly be announced soon

Stranger Things spin-off series will reportedly be announced soon

It seems Netflix is currently developing a Stranger Things spin-off series that will be announced in no time.

Stranger Things is one of the most – if not the most – Netflix Originals in the library. The successful show of Netflix has managed to reach millions of viewers over its 5+ years of lifespan, with more seasons on the way. Stranger Things was also a huge opportunity for the young actors that play in it, promoting many talents to the world.

We all know Netflix is pretty much satisfied with the series and the actors. The popular streaming platform is also looking for ways to make use of Stranger Things more. It seems they’re going to make it with a spin-off series. We’ve heard some rumors about a spin-off starring Millie Bobby Brown before, but things are getting serious this time. A report from GiantFreakinRobot states that Netflix is currently developing a Stranger Things spin-off. Moreover, their “inside source” reports that Netflix plans to announce this spin-off soon. We don’t know anything more about the possible series right now.

With the news being this big, fans simply question the credibility of the source. The source is famous for its leaks and for providing accurate information before the official announcements, so we can probably trust GFR on this one as well. Still, it’s best not to get too excited before we actually see the official announcement. Now, let’s check out what we can expect from this possible Stranger Things spin-off.

What to expect from the Stranger Things spin-off series?

Well, the first question that arises is who the star of this series is going to be. Netflix is probably going to choose a character and base the series around them.

Millie Bobby Brown, who plays Eleven in the series, seems like a perfect candidate for it. Not only she’s a brilliant and popular actor, but her character is also a unique and fan-favorite one. However, she previously pushed down the rumors of a spin-off series for Eleven in an interview.

“Ahhh, the spinoff thing! I got a text from a really good friend about that, and I’m like, ‘NO! Where is this information coming from?’”

There’s still hope though, as the cast of Stranger Things is known to deceive fans before big revelations. David Harbour previously fooled us to believe Hopper was dead, only for the character to turn out alive with the first teaser. Millie Bobby Brown might be onto something too, even though it’s not very likely.

Another candidate for a spin-off series is Nancy Wheeler, as she had a lot of adventures on her own while being a successful journalist. In that case, we’d expect Jonathan to be a prominent character in the series, too.

Netflix might also try to do something different than choosing a character from Stranger Things and make a spin-off series off that character. We can see a prequel or a different line of a story that takes place in the same universe.

There’s not any official announcement or details about the series, so we can only speculate at this point. We’ll see what Netflix is planning to do when we get an actual reveal – if there’s even going to be one, that is.

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