‘Super Mario Bros’ Is Once Again The Most Expensive Video Game Ever Sold

‘Super Mario Bros’ Is Once Again The Most Expensive Video Game Ever Sold

It wasn’t long ago that the price of a video game, even the rarest, would never exceed six figures. While collecting memorabilia is becoming more popular than ever before, it was always grounded in the idea that it was an expensive hobby that anyone could get into. However, as collecting becomes a more lucrative (and somehow dangerous) hobby, we’re starting to see game prices increase.

The increased prices of normal retro games are one thing, but the higher-end prices are reaching records that we’ve never seen before. A sealed copy of Super Mario 64 recently broke the million-dollar ceiling, which shocked everyone, because that game has never been considered a rare title. For comparison, back in April, the most expensive game ever sold was the original Super Mario Bros. when it was auctioned off at a price of $666,000.

Now, that game is breaking the $2 million mark and once again becoming the most expensive game ever sold.

While this game isn’t the exact same as the one that sold for $666,000 — this is a limited-run edition — it’s another example of the crazy price increases happening at gaming auctions right now. When an unopened copy of The Legend of Zelda for NES sold for $870,000 in July, it was seen as a new benchmark. It’s not even a full month later and we’re seeing game prices that are more than double that. Someone who is selling a similar copy of the game is going to put theirs up for auction in October, and there’s a good chance they not only break the original record, but shatter it.