The Olympics Basketball Robot Is A Fraud

The Olympics Basketball Robot Is A Fraud

The early star of the Tokyo Olympics basketball tournament was the sharpshooting robot that came out during halftime of the USA men’s loss to France over the weekend. The robot was, truly, automatic from all over the court, hitting free throws, threes, and even halfcourt shots to become an instant meme on basketball twitter, as people had jokes about Ben Simmons, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Kawhi Leonard, and how they could still dominate the robot because it was slow.

On Wednesday, the basketball robot made its return again to the court at Saitama Super Arena at halftime of the latest USA hoops game — this time, one in which the outcome was never in doubt as they led 60-30 at halftime over Iran. However, the robot’s performance on Wednesday left plenty to be desired, with it exiting the floor in shame, hands on its head, after missing back-to-back halfcourt shots.

One has to wonder if the robot is washed and already past its prime after this performance. Is it time for the Olympics to move the robot in a salary dump for some robot prospects? They have to at least consider it. Of those that stayed up to watch a blowout win for the Americans, there was plenty of chatter about the robot being a fraud as word emerged of its failings.

I do look forward to the robot’s comeback journey, littered with Instagram posts about how they called him a #WashedKing.