Van Helsing Season 6: Netflix Release Date, Synopsis, Cast and Trailer

Van Helsing Season 6: Netflix Release Date, Synopsis, Cast and Trailer

What is the release date of Van Helsing season 6? When will the new season of the new series land on Netflix?

Van Helsing is a fantasy drama series on Netflix, offering a different approach to the tale of the iconic vampire hunter. The series made its debut back in July 2016 on a different streaming platform. The show is starring Kelly Overton, Christopher Heyerdahl, Jonathan Scarfe, Vincent Gale, Rukiya Bernard, Alex Paunovic, and Trezzo Mahoro.

After its journey on Syfy, the series was transferred to Canada’s Super Channel. Though the channel was also having financial problems. Finally, Van Helsing ended up premiering on the popular streaming platform Netflix. And the fifth season became available for SYFY users.

Now the first four seasons of Van Helsing are available to stream on Netflix. Fans of the fantasy-horror series are wondering when they are going to watch the new episodes though.

Is Van Helsing Canceled?

Van Helsing has not been canceled by the creator or the streaming service. The show has had a long run with a total of 53 episodes and introduced the viewers to the world of vampires. The story of Vanessa has had a long and rocky journey and the show has come to an end.

Van Helsing Season 6 Release Date

The series is available for Netflix subscribers residing in 38 countries. With four seasons and a total of 52 episodes, Van Helsing offers a long journey throughout the world of vampires. Therefore, Netflix users are waiting eagerly to watch the new season to see how things are going to end up.

With that said, Netflix has not released season 5 of the hit series yet. The fifth season has made its debut on SYFY. So we will have to wait for some time to finally get our hands on the new episodes. Considering the premiere schedule of the previous seasons, the earlier release date of Van Helsing season 5 is probably the first quarter of 2022.

Here’s everything we know about Van Helsing season 5. In the case of the sixth season, we have saddening news for you as the show will not continue after season 5.

So if you are wondering if there is going to be the sixth season, the answer is unfortunately not as the fifth season has wrapped everything up and made its finale on SYFY.

Van Helsing Season 6 Cast

As the show has completed its run, we are not going to see any new or familiar faces in the future. If Netflix or any other platform somehow decides to continue with the series, we will probably see the talented actors and actresses that starred in the previous seasons.

Here are their names and the characters they play:

  • Kelly Overton as Vanessa Van Helsing
  • Jonathan Scarfe as Axel Miller
  • Aleks Paunovic as Julius
  • Rukiya Bernard as Doc
  • Vincent Gale as Flesh
  • Christopher Heyerdahl as Sam
  • Jennifer Cheon Garcia as Ivory

Here’s everything to know about Van Helsing season 6 release date on Netflix in addition to the show’s current status. Stay tuned for news regarding the series.

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