Virgin River season 4 release date details: Will there be season 4?

Virgin River season 4 release date details: Will there be season 4?

Virgin River fans are wondering whether Netflix will give us a season 4 after the release of the third season. Let’s check it out.

As most of you probably know, Virgin River’s third season landed on Netflix today. The fans of the series received the new installments quite well. The new season added many new characters to the series and progressed the story very much. At the end of it, we’re left with a bunch of questions that can be answered by new installments. So, fans are already wondering whether Virgin River season 4 is a thing. Better yet, some are curious as to when we can expect the new season to be released.

Well, even though Netflix has yet to make an official announcement about it, the new season seems to be underway. That’s because the production process is reportedly starting this summer, and it’s planned to wrap by the end of 2021.

Is there going to be a Virgin River season 4?

Despite the lack of an official announcement, we have solid reports hinting at the production of Virgin River season 4. According to the report by ProductionWeekly, which is a pretty credible source, the Virgin River crew is planning to start the production of season 4 this summer.

It seems the production process will start at the end of this July, and end at the end of this November.

Netflix usually announces the renewals after the new seasons come to the platform. Virgin River season 3 is still pretty new, so they will probably wait for a little bit. After that, we can expect Netflix to officially announce Virgin River‘s new season. Generally speaking, Netflix announces the renewals within a month after the release. So, you can expect the renewal to be public by the end of July 2021. It may be later than that, too, but rest assured that the new season is coming.

All in all, we’re probably on the verge of the official announcement. Let’s wait and see what Netflix will do.

When to expect Virgin River season 4 to be released?

After the official announcement, we’re going to have to start waiting for the season. It’s time to try to answer the ultimate question: when is the new season coming?

Netflix released the seasons of Virgin River yearly, meaning that the releases had intervals of a year. It was different with season 3 because of the pandemic, but the schedule will most likely be fixed as the pandemic has less effect on the world right now.

The production of Virgin River‘s next season is planned to finish by the end of 2021. The post-production process usually takes around half a year, so we’d have to add six months to the end of 2021. This leaves us with a summer 2022 release date for Virgin River season 4. However, Netflix hasn’t made any official announcement on that. Everything we’re talking about right now is educated guesses at this point.

So yeah, Virgin River‘s fourth season is probably going to be announced within the next month. As for the release, we’ll most likely have to wait until summer 2022.

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