Waka Flocka & Tammy Have SPLIT UP . . . Reality Show Curse Strikes AGAIN

Waka Flocka & Tammy Have SPLIT UP . . . Reality Show Curse Strikes AGAIN

Rapper Waka Flocka and his life partner Tammy Rivera are officially over, MTO News has learned. According to one source close to the couple, Waka and Tammy split up during COVID – but are still good friends.

The friend told MTO News, “Waka was usually on the road a lot, but during COVID they were in each others faces for a year. That was too much for [their marriage].”

But the split is amicable, according to Tammy’s friend. 


Waka & Tammy Trailer (; 1:00)

And this separation is real. According to MTO News’ insider, both Tammy and Waka have already begun dating other people. She told MTO News, “Tammy and Waka are free to date other people, and I think they’re both doing that.”

And we have receipts that appear to confirm our insider report.

First Tammy left a bizarre birthday message for Waka back in May. She wrote, “Waka no matter where we go in life, What we do, Who we are with… YOUR BACK I WILL ALWAYS HAVE!” A strange message to leave your husband and life partner.


Then Waka left an equally surprising birthday message to Tammy. He told her to “Be free Be Happy and live today to the fullest.” Tammy is currently traveling with friends in the Middle East – without Wacka.