A ‘Cobra Kai’ Movie? Franchise Legends Leave Crumbs as Season 6 Release Inches Closer

Cobra Kai


Season 6 is at our doorstep. The epic karate series, which moved from YouTube to Netflix, has been a fixation for fans of the Miyagi-verse for over five seasons. Now that the sixth season is about to drop, revealing the ultimate fate of Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso’s decades-long rivalry, fans cannot keep their calm. However, there is also a hint of melancholy for bidding the series farewell, as it has been confirmed that the sixth season will be the final one. However, it may be a bit too soon to come to that conclusion.

Before Season 6 drops on Netflix, the legendary cast of Cobra Kai has shared some tantalizing hints about a potential movie to expand the Cobra Kai

franchise further, along with their feelings about departing from the Netflix show.

A Cobra Kai movie might be on the horizon

Cobra Kai

stars Ralph Macchio, William Zabka, and Yuji Okumoto recently sat down for an interview with Extra’s Melvin Rober

. During the interview, when asked about a potential Cobra Kai

movie in the future, they all unanimously expressed excitement. While Macchio uttered, “Why not?

“, Zabka stated, “I don’t know. What’s the story like?

“. However, none of them could confirm the rumor.

Nonetheless, Macchio did drop a hint about how the Cobra Kai

movie might see the light of day and put the ball in fans’ court.

Macchio mentioned that they create movies with fans in mind. So, only if they rally for a movie, there might be a chance for the project to get off the ground after the Netflix series wraps up. Cobra Kai

Season 6 encountered a lot of hiccups, mainly due to the Hollywood strikes that pushed it back into delays, which also led to the delay of another anticipated movie in the franchise

, the new Karate Kid

. But that was just the first disappointing update for the upcoming movie. 

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Cobra Kai

showrunners have also poured cold water on the possibility of a fan-favorite cameo in the new Karate Kid

movie that many fans have been holding their breath for.

The new Karate Kid might leave some die-hard fans feeling let down

When the new Karate Kid

movie was announced, everyone thought it would expand the Cobra Kai

universe. However, showrunner Josh Heald made it very clear in an interview with ScreenRant that Cobra Kai

is not setting the stage for the upcoming Karate Kid

movie. In fact, the show and the movie will follow entirely different storylines. The only common link between the Netflix show and the upcoming movie is Ralph Macchio’s Daniel LaRusso. “The movie kind of exists in its own piece of its own universe

,” said Heald. 

Heald’s statement implied that the 2010 Karate Kid

movie, along with the Cobra Kai

franchise and the upcoming new Karate Kid

movie, all exist in separate universes. Although this is not particularly disappointing news for moviegoers, it does put a question mark on the possibility of Jackie Chan starring in the movie

, a desire that has existed among fans since the series’ inception. Whether or not the new movie lets down original Karate Kid

fans, there is still a chance to push for a Cobra Kai

movie, as Macchio hinted.

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movie? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!