Rachel Brosnahan Leaves Fans Swooning Over the New Lois Lane Following an Adorable Pooch Flex

David Corenswet, the new Superman, has promised to bring humor to the role of the Last Son of Krypton but currently, the comedic spotlight is on Rachel Brosnahan, the new Lois Lane. As James Gunn gears up to introduce this fresh take on Superman in 2025, replacing Henry Cavill

with a new kind of caped crusader, both Corenswet and Brosnahan are working hard to win fans over. However, Brosnahan, in particular, is quickly becoming a fan favorite, thanks to her recent dog show that went viral immediately.

A clip posted by DC Film News on X shows Rachel Brosnahan engaging in a singing session with her adorable pup

. Brosnahan, well-known for her reputation as the crazy dog lady who pets every puppy she encounters, has undeniably charmed fans with this iconic duet show. Although her affection for dogs was always well known, this latest singing clip has taken fans’ adoration to new heights, in turn, cementing her popularity as the new Lois Lane.

David Corenswet has already earned praise

from Superman fans for his down-to-earth demeanor and fan interactions. Now, with Lois Lane receiving acclaim for her delightful dog show, it seems Gunn has assembled a team of crowd-pleasers for his upcoming Superman

film, set for release in 2025. While Corenswet had the challenge of stepping into Cavill’s shoes, Brosnahan’s growing popularity with fans has been a delightful bonus.

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Regardless of how Brosnahan is received in the upcoming movie, fans have unanimously agreed that her dog has a star quality, only present in super-dogs like hers.

Fans gush over the new Lois Lane’s perfection as Rachel Brosnahan makes a splash online

Rachel Brosnahan is undoubtedly a dog person and also a proud dog parent to two furry friends: Winston, an Akita Shiba Inu, and Nikki, a Pit Bull mix. Her reputation as a crazy dog lady stems not just from her own dogs but from her inability to pass one without stopping to give them love and pats. While her recent viral dog show underscores her constant connection to her canine companions, it also highlights the fact that she cannot do for a minute without indulging in some dog-oriented antics.

Many fans are already convinced that she will be the best Lois Lane yet, and her playful antics and humor make it easy to see why.

Meanwhile, some fans appeared eager, anticipating the on-screen chemistry between her and David Corenswet in their upcoming roles. Although her dog duet clip went viral and attracted fans worldwide, making her singing skills a hit, now the only thing that remains to be seen is whether her acting will generate the same buzz when she appears in James Gunn’s Superman

in 2025 and if fans’ will get a chance to preserve the expectations with her on-screen portrayal. 

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